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Assaf CK

Rubbing Alcohol

I used rubbing alcohol - that is, a 70% alcohol solution in water - on my toenails for about 3 months now, morning and evening, and at this point, slightly more than half of my big toe's nail is clear. That said, the clear nail still has something a little imperfect about it. I believe that after a year or two of this, the nails would be completely healthy. The alcohol is easy to use, and evaporates relatively quickly. I bought a dropper and the alcohol at a pharmacy. I dripped a few drops, waited for it to dry and then dripped once more. Thus, morning and evening, as mentioned. Once a week I brushed the nails with a rigid brush. As for the price, the rubbing alcohol costs about 2 dollars for 100cc bottle which lasts about a week. So, this seems to work.

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