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swishing mouthwash around your aching tooth can help TEMPORARILY in relieving the pain, just while you are waiting to see the dentist BUT BE VERY CAREFUL! i had a horrible toothache sunday night and used an entire family size bottle of Crest mouthwash. It helped numb my tooth pain but eventually numbed my entire mouth, i thought tis was good until the numbing began to wear off and i felt a burning sensation inside my entire mouth. I went to bed and around 3 am woke up from a horrible burning pain. My lips, cheeks, and tongue were so swollen that i couldnt close or move them. the pain was unbearable and after going to the doctor, i found out i had given myself a chemical burn with the mouthwash in an attempt to get rid of my toothache. The burn did not allow me to eat and drink anything and because of the swelling i had developed an infection. As a result i was given an IV and two injections on my butt for infection. Also some antibiotics to make the swelling go down. I was so dehydrated that they tried putting the IV 3 times until they finally got it. So even though mouthwash is one of the best toothache relievers, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL! It has now been 5 days since my toothache, and i still cannot eat any real food, my tongue is peeling and barely begginning to heal, i use a straw for everything i drink and constantly drool even in my sleep, swallowing is very painful, and my diet consists of water, smoothies that can only be made with vanilla, sugar,bananas, and baby food.

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