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HI GUYS. I've been taking medication, and here i am to report on my own experience.
I take 0.5mg of clonazepam (also known as clonotril) every night about 1h before i sleep.
1. seeing a neurologist and getting medicine may be a prob
2. the meds make you so drowsy it's scary to conk out asleep anywhere anytime with no recollection of what you were doing. I've found myself awaking the the floor many many times.
3. it doesn't work if you don't get enough sleep (in my case) or are stressed out. i guess caffeine and alcohol also apply.

my best solution is to get someone to massage my legs till i fall asleep. but i feel bad for bothering my dad.

so, i guess to lessen the impacts SLEEP AT REGULAR TIMES. no naps, no caffeine, no alcohol, try to exercise. sleep is most important i feel. the other remedies vary from person to person.

some background info: I'm 17 yrs old, no idea how i got RLS, had it for... 5 years now.

keep up the good fight everyone!

you can contact me @ if you wanna rant or whatsoever.

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You poor kid! Seventeen and have had it for five years! You seem very mature. Take care and Good Luck!

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