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this is my grandmothers remedy for boils. tried this yesterday on my abscess tooth, works every time, but is gross. tear off a piece of bacon, salt it down, put it in gause, and stick on abscess as long as you can stand it. i did it 3 times for 30 minutes. every thing came out on the 3rd time.

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does the bacon put in salt really works does it work when the abcess r open


Cooked or raw?


The bacon is working most likely due to the salt content. A paste made with salt and sodium bicarbonate works a bit better than bacon, and is cleaner since food particles can attract bacteria.


I'm really not tniyrg to withhold information. I spent $67 having something shipped when an institutional policy was suddenly changed, making a previously unneeded object necessary, but then the policy was changed back making the shipped thing unnecessary again. It called to mind the Coolidge quote. I'd felt good about expeditiously dealing with the problem, but then realized I would have been better off being the sort of person who lets things go and hopes for the best. Which I am too a lot of the time. Like when I kept waiting for a pain in a tooth to go away (and had to have it extracted in the end!).

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