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Most of the remedies on here that i've read are dead on.However i do not see how soaking in and drinking bleach can be good for you, even if it does clear up the outbreak. The more natural the better. I dont believe in prescription drugs and only took valtrex once for my first outbreak. That was 6 year ago and i only get maybe 3 outbreaks a year never lasting longer than a week. If your immune system is healthy your body will fight the virus on its own and you won't have outbreaks. Lots of vit,mineral,antioxidants, natural antivirals such as garlic. Eat your superfoods. After reading other comments on here I have one concern. A few ppl posted that they were just diagnosed and have no idea where they could have gotten because they are married.Herpes is sexually transmitted so here are your options. 1-You have had it for a while without having symptoms. 2- your spouse cheated on you. 3- you cheated on your spouse. You don't just get it for no good reason sorry.

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I got hsv 1 and i didnt even have any sexual contact of any sort

sex ed for you

you can get it from a colsaw alone. Unfortunately a simple small colsaw which you can get from a spot becoming infected due to sqeezing the spot and it being unable to dry out can develop into a colsaw and that can be spread to the genitals through oral sex or bacteria from the hands. So the answer is yes you can and in most cases do get it for no reason!


You can get type 1 just from sharing a glass of water with someone that is infected.


Its a STD, but you can get it without having sexual encounters. Babies can get it at birth... all because if someone is having an outbreak and skin to skin contact with a sore, you can contract the virus. Maybe you should do your research before posting!!!

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