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I am really into natural remedies when it comes to my skin, I make my own face washes and moisturizers and have had results like no store bought brand, same thing when it comes to stretch marks.
My method seems odd but it has actually worked for me. I have stretch marks across my butt from going through puberty and have tried every lotion i could find. so what I do takes two steps.
The first step:
In a bowl mix miracle whip, coffee grounds and sugar together until you get a nice thick consistency. Apply to the area and wrap in saran wrap for 10-15 mins. After letting sit on skin rub vigorously to exfoliate and shower. Your skin will feel soooo soft after this.
Step 2:
Mix castor oil and coco oil and massage into the same area until it's all absorbed. Be careful not to use too much or you will feel greasy.

Nothing else besides this has worked for me and I've already seen results after only a couple of days.

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Can I use coco butter lotion instead?

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