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draw a tub of hot H20. squeeze summers eve feminine wash, then some of your favorite bubble bath(fragrance ok) to make bubbles. pour one cup of regular white distilled vinegar and 1/2 cup cool mint listerine mouth wash. and soak that 'thang'! bathe as usual. works everytime! ;)

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1 part distilled vinegar to 3 parts water in a spray bottle...spray it on before/during kills the natural bacterias that cause the pungent odors...also useful as maintenance just spray on cotton pad. Adjust solution if sensitive.

I love home remindies 215

worked fire me I was scared at first because I thought that the mouth wash would burn but it doesn't I also put a some in the mouth wash in the mouth wash cap but only half then the rest water in a spray bottle for a booty call got head all night !! thanks who ever u r
if you do this right before sex then receive oral it enhance the big moment but don't user to much you might f your self up


1/2 c of the 'cup cap' on a mouthwash bottle or a 1/2 measuring cup?


Does not work for bv odor...


This is only a temp fix. Lasts a few hours at best.


That was too funny!!! LOL



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