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10 advil, 2 500mg tyol, 2 sleeping pills and a glass of wine fixed my half broke off tooth right up.

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thats a great way to have a kid overdose. or anyone for that fact, and at the least kill your liver. great advice asshole


ur a dumb ass hope you did it to ur self ass hole


Really dog. You shouldnt of posted that like your a junkie with a bad ass toothaache


O wow! I'm sure it did, you didn't feel a thing after taking all of that..r u still alive? Just asking. Cause that's sounds like SUICIDE ATTEMPT if you ask me


I do believe this person was being sarcastic! Chill


NEVER use booze with Tylenol!


lol hey. you guys are just pussys. this person has the right idea

i feel your pain in nashville

I have actually seen times when i would have tried this myself, i mean tonight for instance,in the past 6 hours i have taken 7 200mg ibuprofen and a full dose of nyquil. When a tooth is hurting so bad that it feels like every tooth in your head is hurting you WILL try anything.So chill out.


12 ibprofren, 6 tylenol, 6 antiflammatory, 2 ultram, 1 shot of rum on the tooth, vanilla extract, and of course my antibiotic and I'm STILL in pain.When you feel unbearable you'll take extra tylenol/ibuprofen so i understand. Btw, all the 'behind the counter' stuff is prescribed from the ER. Good luck!


Maybe this person was having a real toothache not just something u pussy's call one when you experience real toothache pain you keep eating pain meds most of you don't know what a real toothache feels like. I once had a toothache so bad I was crying like a little kid so I went in the bathroom with a pair of pliers took three shots of whiskey and pulled it myself. Now comment on that you bunch of soft pricks

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