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I read here about putting 100% hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal. Being a MD I would like to point point out that this is not without risk. If your eardrum has any weak spots or even a hole in it, you might damage your hearing permanently. If you have wax in the earcanal, try putting a few drops of almondoil (sweet oil) in your ear canal, twice a day, for at least 3 or 4 days. After that, sit in your shower or bath, and fill an empty shampoobottle with some water at bodytemperature. Keep the bottle gently pressed to your ear, and try to rinse your earcanal with the water. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop and ask your GP to finish the job. If you succeed, the wax will come out of your ear, and within 1 or 2 hours your hearing will improve (wax can reduce your hearing up to 20%).
Never put q-tips in your earcanal, you can cause an infection.
For problems related to the inner ear, clearing by blowing your nose while pinching it so pressure can build up in your sinusses (while lying on your unaffected ear), is very good, steaming with eucalyptus is harmless and may help.
If the problems persist after a couple of weeks, do see your doctor!

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It would be very difficult for a person to get there hands on 100% hydrogen peroxide. I use the peroxide found at any store on a q-tip and follow with alcohol on q tip during lake/pool season and it helps. Best bet for me is to just use ear plugs but sometimes they are not evailable. For clearing ear wax bobbi pins work great.


An MD would not post anything that could cause harm to your hearing or something could be unsafe. I don't believe the MD stands for Medical Doctor. I looked to this site for some real help. Please don't post things that someone would try unable to afford a doctor then become more injured.

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