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I read here about putting 100% hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal. Being a MD I would like to point point out that this is not without risk. If your eardrum has any weak spots or even a hole in it, you might damage your hearing permanently. If you have wax in the earcanal, try putting a few drops of almondoil (sweet oil) in your ear canal, twice a day, for at least 3 or 4 days. After that, sit in your shower or bath, and fill an empty shampoobottle with some water at bodytemperature. Keep the bottle gently pressed to your ear, and try to rinse your earcanal with the water. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop and ask your GP to finish the job. If you succeed, the wax will come out of your ear, and within 1 or 2 hours your hearing will improve (wax can reduce your hearing up to 20%).
Never put q-tips in your earcanal, you can cause an infection.
For problems related to the inner ear, clearing by blowing your nose while pinching it so pressure can build up in your sinusses (while lying on your unaffected ear), is very good, steaming with eucalyptus is harmless and may help.
If the problems persist after a couple of weeks, do see your doctor!

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I am a nurse...I just used Murine Ear Wax removal system...did the job..I like it better than Debrox, its quicker and easier.


You would be very ill-advised to put 100% peroxide anywhere.
3-4% only should be used in the ears.


Oh my gosh! The pinching the nose while blowing it totally worked. Thank you!


I put a drop of isopropyl alcohol in my ear when I thought I had swimmers ear (on the advice of someone who had done it many times.) turned out that what I thought was swimmers ear was a burst ear drum. It did permanent damage. Ent tried a skin graft that didn't quite take... I have a permanent hole in my ear drum about the size if a caraway seed... Another doc wants to fix it.. It's been 12 years.. Hearing has diminished minimally, but my swimming has been impacted. I have to wear a custom ear plug, a neoprene headband...and make sure I have an antibiotic ear drops handy.... So see a doctor FIRST!


Yikes! Please be careful plugging your nose and blowing, you can put a hole in your ear drum..wayyyy worse then fluid buildup.

Real MD

If your ear is clogged for more than a day you should see a doctor, not weeks. You must practice witch craft.


You can also guy the corner off a sandwich bag inplace of using a shampoo bottle.


100%! I hope no one has tried this! 3% will dissolve earwax , 100% will dislove ear.


I use warm soapy water in a large syringe and irrigate the blocked ear. After frequent sessions over a couple of days, the wax eventually comes out.


I'm not sure that this person is an MD as they claim.

If he/she was - they would know that the sinuses and cochlea/vestibular apparatus (the inner ear) have nothing to do with each other.

If he/she was an MD - they would know that it's the middle ear that can have pressure build-up.

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