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hi,i have had stretchmarks for 16 years,just started a remedy that may actually work.this is what i do,pick one mark,get some highly absorbent moisturiser,get a golden root viagra capsule and open it,place a small amount of moisturiser and mix in half capsule of viagra into a paste,put onto stretchmark and leave to absorb.stretchmark will absorb viagra and stimulate blood vessels thus regenerating underlaying skin.results to come but straight away mark goes red showing blood vessels working

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can u post a link for where i can buy them?


you can buy viagra anywhere on net,golden root best as its capsule and when opened is a powder


Have you noticed any difference?


It's a joke.


Viagra is supposed to be prescription only, but there are generic brands and other drugs that claim to do the same as viagra. If you're buying it front the internet chances are you don't have a prescription and what you're getting probably isn't really viagra.


LOLOL. Applying stuff to your skin won't seep in deep enough to reach your blood vessels. It's not physiologically possible. Also, Golden root is an herbal supplement whose gimmick is the herbal viagra to sell. So it's not really viagra and hasn't been proven to be viagra's equivalent.


As i see, you have those stretch mark in your brain. Next time eat them, maybe the effect is faster in your particular part of the body and maybe you will have an heart attack and will never write this thing again.

Lara Steve

You are using yourself as a lab animal which can be lethal! You are foolishly risky cancer, genetic mutation etc

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