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I am amazed at what people will put on their skin to relieve the torture of chigger bites! Soaking in bleach? WOW!

The 1st time chiggers got me I lived in FL. It was mild and I didn't know it was chiggers. I thought I was getting eczema or something.

Now I am UPSTATE NY! It is Spring and I was digging in my garden for the first time. I woke up the next morning with chigger bites all over my left forearm. I again misidentified the bites as 'spider' until I researched online and learned about 'chigger'.

I already know how long these lesions take to heal but at least I have a product to treat them with. I am using 'Wal-dryl Anti-itch Cream 2%', the store brand of Walgreens. I am also using Cortaid, Hydrocortisone 1%. I think the Waldryl actually gives me more itch relief for more hours but the Cortaid makes the lesions less swollen and red. Got both for under $10.

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Hi. Try making a paste with baking soda and applying it to chigger bites. Try soaking in baking soda. Cortizone thins,or atrifies the skin. Steroids are not good for you.


That's what cortisone is for and no topical steroid affects you systemically. 2% is even better!

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