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GONE in 24 hours!!!!!!!
I used ACV(apple cider vinager) as most have posted!
I am a registered nurse and have been HPV positive for about a year and a half. Ive had a lot of stress recently and broke out with GW for the first time, noticing them about a week ago. I had 3 large ones and 10-15 small ones all on my labia majora. I researched home remedies for a few days before Starting anything.
Here is how I treated mine:
I took a shower using antibacterial soap then cleansed with hydrogen peroxide.
ACV treatment: I used panty liners, cut in half long ways and trimmed to the length of my vagina I soaked them in ACV and applied to inside of labia majora (larger vaginal lips) this prevents ACV from burning clitoris and labia minora (position so panty liner is not touching these parts) I used an additional panty liner sprayed and feminine deodorant attached to cotton panties (important to used cotton panties) to deal with any dripping ACV and the smell! I left this is place for 4 hours then removed and cleaned with soap and then hydrogen peroxide.
REST treatment: I then applied a mixture of neosporin and monistat to treated area and left alone for 4 hours.

Then repeated ACV treatment alternating with rest treatment 2 more times.
(Just for reference my warts turned stark white with 1st treatment and then progressed to a light brown/grey color at the end... They were never black although I assume they would turn back if they were left alone after this and not scrubbed off like I did)

After this I took a warm shower and used antibacterial soap on a wash cloth and scrubbed (not very hard) the vaginal area all warts came off.

I have cleansed with hydrogen peroxide and used a protective ointment (aloevesta) to help heal the area. I would suggest petroleum jelly mixed with aloe Vera gel if you can not find aloe vesta or equivalent (do not used lotion, neosporin would be ok)

I plan on doing one preventative 4 hour ACV (i will inspect my vagina after and note any 'white spots' which would indicate a wart, then I would
Implement above plan) and rest treatment once weekly as well as a half water half vinager douche.

This processed was pretty painful, but bearable and worth the expedient results!! Rest periods can be lengthened and AVC periods shortened if pain is not well tolerated!

I also plan on implementing a healthy diet and workout schedule to prevent reoccurance as well as adding a prenatal vitamin and garlic pill to my daily medicines!

Hope you have success with your treatments!!!

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When you mention that you put the liner inside? What exactly do you mean by that? After you said to cut the pad in half long ways?


ya what did u mean by that?


put it on the wart area inside the 'outer labia' (bigger one) and try not to touch the clitores with the ACV w/ panty liner. I'm starting this treatment tonight, wish me luck!


Good luck I'm trying tonight as well


You say u tested positive for the human papiloma virus,isnt that a big deal? I just discovered the damn little warts and nw im all paranoid abt it. Ive never had the test done and im too freaked out to go! Advice?


it hasnt seemed to worked on me:(!

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