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I've been getting canker sores ever since I can remember, usually about one a month, and they get worse in the winter or when I'm sick. My mother and sister both have them as well, though not as bad as mine. For them dabbing a bit of hydrogen peroxide directly onto the sore with a q-tip works, but I've never had much success with that, if anything it makes them worse for me. After doing some research, I switched my toothpaste out to one that doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfate, which does seem to be helping a bit. I've also begun treating them with very highly concentrated salt water (I usually mix up about 1 cup of it, and swish each mouthful around until it stops stinging, spit, and repeat until the mix is gone). It's been working wonders, the majority of the pain is gone almost immediately, and the canker sore disappears within a few days.

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Do you just use table salt?

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