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A slice of garlic.
I realized I had ringworm on Friday and my mom gave me some Tetracyline to put on it. I must admit it works but I'm impatient and to me it works very slow and imagine having to go to school with ringworm (Ew) so I came to this forum and saw that someone said tape garlic to the affected area for 10-12 hours and let me tell you..I've had it on my right forearm from around 7pm and it is now 9:16pm and IT IS ALMOST GONE PEOPLE! I'm serious!
Just tape a slice of garlic to the affected area and it will be gone before you know it! This is one method I trust for sure!

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about to try it! hope it works!


bro can u please tell it more detially?
Should the garlic be crushed n made paste?...and what tape is good to use for this purpose?
Hoping for your response soon
thanks in advance!!

Fungus Gone

To the person asking how the garlic must be applied...
1. You must crush the garlic into paste form. A garlic press is good or you can mince it up very tiny and then mash it with the flat end of the knife.

2. Apply this to the affected area..and then cover with a large bandaid. Then if you have an ACE bandage or a larger bandage...cover it again. I have known some folks to use Saran Wrap to keep that bandage in place.

3. Leave this on for 6-10 hours. It is going to have a good burning sensation. You just have to bear with it.

4. After you take the bandaid will either be cleared up then or the next day will appear much better.

I have seen warts removed this way too. My son had a wart years ago and we treated it this way. I am all for natural cures if they can be done.

Good luck!




Thankssss alot.


Thank you for your post!
I developed a skin fungus about two weeks ago and i went to the Dr. who prescribed me with an antifungus pills but these made my problem worse!
After reading your post i am confident that garlic will help. I just finished patching my back, forearms, neck, and stomach with small pieces of garlic (i have taped this to my body). I already feel the burn (just a little) and i hope this helps me get rid of this embarrasing problem. Thank you


To OP: Good thing you did not wait for the Tetracycline to's an antibiotic for bacteria, and ringworm is a fungus.

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