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I understand that not having insurance can be a pain, but any medical professional will tell you that if ibuprofen or tylenol won't stop the pain you probably have an infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics. I would search around for a dentist that has a first time visit special. Usually your first exam and first round of xrays are free. This way you can get a diagnosis of your problem and have a better idea of how to treat it.

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Hurting orally & financially

Idk what magical land u reside in where initial visit & a full set of x-rays is waived for promotional incentive but I would appreciate your sharing city / state!! I will follow that yellow brick road. If gas remains below $5 a gal it will be a worthwhile trip!!!


An exposed nerve does not have to be infected to hurt like h#ll. Try the gum wax sold at convenience stores until you can get to a dentist, ambesol or oral gel give some temp relief but a cpl asprin goes further.
I have seen first time patient discount packages for exam xrays and cleaning but unfortunately its the work that really costs the money so its not much help... america! Its all about the mighty dollar....


Go to a dentist! Genius! I never thought of that. Thanks, you saved my life.


Once I get my free x-ray to tell me I'm f*#@^(!d, where do you suppose I'll cough up the $2k for a root canal? PS - I have insurance, but that doesn't cover squat when you really need some work done.

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