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I had a minor dry socket after removal of upper wisdom tooth. Clove oil may give instand relief but base on my own experience ( twice dry socket ), rinsing the affected area with concentrated sea salt water would definitely help it to heal faster.

I rinsed and hold the salt water in mouth every 1-2 hours. Each time wait for 20-30 seconds before spitting out. After doing it for 2-3 days, I felt so much better and really pain free!

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To the good people on here who posted about clove oil, I'd like to thank you for saving my life:-)My sod of a dentist spent 40 minutes the Friday before last trying to extract a bottom molar. He managed to get one root out but couldn't get the other on e so has left it. Hideously painful dry socket, went 2 days in a row to have it cleaned and packed, the dressing came out as soon as I had a sip of water. Had to get back to work and came across this site. Have packed the hole with a tiny piece of gauze soaked in diluted oil of cloves and am now a functioning human being again.

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