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I believe my problems began when my chapped lips got worse from a) outdoor sports combined with cold weather, wind, sweat, etc. and b) not taking daily vitamins and eating unbalanced diet, and c) frequently licking lips and applying lip balms and vaseline with my fingers.

I now know that this 'chapped lips' problem morphed into angular cheiltis once the lips started cracking and bacteria and/or fungi were able to get in there.

So after weeks of trying home remedies to cure chapped lips, I realized I was only trying to deal with the external problems. I bought a topical anti fungal cream (ketoconazol) and was applying it a few times daily with vaseline, but it still wasn't getting to the root of the issue. Further online reading lead me to believe that my unbalanced diet, heavy in sugars and carbohydrates (bread, cereal, jelly, etc), was promoting the bacterial/fungal/yeast overgrowth in my digestive tract, which obviously relates to your saliva and your mouth.

I immediately stopped eating the simple carbs and sugars and replaced them with a lot of meat protein, eggs, vegetables, oatmeal (with generous amounts of ground cinnamon), and yogurt. I read that yogurt supports the good bacterias and fights the bad bacterias and fungi, and cinnamon has some anti fungal properties. I resumed taking my daily multivitamin that has all of the b complex.

I swapped the anti fungal cream for natural remedy: apple cider vinegar which is both an antibacterial and anti fungal. After thoroughly brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, I ran warm water on my mouth to open up the cracks and cuts on my lips. I dried my lips with a paper towel (careful to use different towels on each side of lips). I then carefully dabbed the cider vinegar with a q-tip and let it soak in. A few minutes later, I used a q-tip to cover my lips in vaseline. I then covered each corner of my mouth with a bandaid and went to sleep.

In the morning, there were yellow marks in the bandaid which I assume was the bad stuff being expelled from the wounds. I believe the cider vinegar began to kill off the bacteria/fungi.

A few days later, I read a different home remedy that suggested using concentrated dish soap (Palm olive, Fairy, etc) on the angular cheilitis. It kills off the bacteria/fungi and thoroughly dries out the area so that it can't return.

Again after cleaning the inside of my mouth, I let warm water open up the wounds. I rubbed the dish soap on my lips and let it sit for a minute. Then I used the warm water to gently rub off the soap. I used paper towels to dry my lips (careful not to cross-contaminate the wounds). You will probably feel a burning sensation as your lips dry - but bear with it. Ten minutes later, I applied neosporin cream to the cracks and vaseline on the rest of my lips. Again I covered the corners of my lips with bandaids and went to sleep.

After three days of treatment with the concentrated dish soap + neosporin, the angular cheilitis was almost completely healed. After each day there was less and less yellow liquid left on the bandaids in the morning. This treatment reduced the swelling after just one day and after two/three days the cracks were closing up.

Your lips will still probably be sensitive and prone to cracking, so continue to cover lips with vaseline (using q-tips and never your fingers!) throughout the day, avoid licking lips, try to maintain the anti fungal diet for a few weeks, and take daily multivitamin with b complex.

I do believe the cider vinegar started the healing process for me, but the concentrated dish soap and neosporin was the final blow to angular cheilitis.

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I just tryed this and it really works the apple cider vinegar did nip for a bit but then it healed it right up i will try this in the morning again and hopfully this helps take it away for a long time till its back :(

thank you for sharing with us.


Giving the vinegar a try tonight. Had AC about 6 days ago. Started multivitamin & topical triple antibiotic cream. It disappeared in 24 hours...but now its back. Still taking the multivitamin and have continued to use the topical antibiotic ointment, until tonight. Does anyone think that I should toss out my lipsticks, chapsticks, etc? Any comments appreciated.


I just have to say thank you! I have had sores around my mouth that just spread and never really heal for years. I tried the cider vinegar and it definitely felt better, but when I started the dish soap and neosporine treatment I immediately saw a difference and after about 5 days I am almost completely healed. I have also been struggling with yeast problems in my digestive system and the inside of my mouth. I have had success getting rid of those issues, but my face was not improving until now.
Thanks again!


the cider vinegar hurt quite a bit, but definitely did the trick! Thank god because it was driving me nuts. I feel like I'm finally on the road to mending this! I still don't understand how it's related to sugars and yeasts though...


Ok, just tried this for the first time last night. Washed with dish soap, then put on polysporin and then vaselin. Did it last night and this morning. 12 hours later, it's almost totally cleared up and the pain is GONE. I'm able to open my mouth and eat - my condition was getting pretty bad. Thanks so much for this post as I'd tried EVERYTHING!!!


Black and White ointment really works! I put it on the corners of my mouth with a Q tip and the next day the cracks were gone.


I have to say I am so happy I found your post. I have had the worst cracked corners for the past week. For the past two days I have been doing: scrub the corners of my mouth with dish soap, then dry with a clean paper towel. Next clean them with rubbing alcohol ( I used a 70% solution and it burns) then after my lip corners/cracks are dry I have been putting on an anti - fungal (clotrimazole). I have been doing it after i eat as well as before bed, about 5- 6 times a day ( i am using a q-tip for all of this, one for each side) I also have started taking a vitamin b complex, and using blistex medicated throughout the day at work. This is the third day of this routine and my lips are almost healed! I no longer have horrible pain and only have a small crack on one side. I am confidant that my lips will be fully recovered after another day or so. Thanks for the tips! And I hope this helps someone else :)

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