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Many thanks to the people that have posted recomendations on this site. My son has had Psoriasis since he was 6 years old, he is now 14. The psoriasis had covered much of his head, back, knees, elbows, and was spreading. We had the same response from the doctors that many have noted here, (so sorry). After reading this entire site, I started with the Vitamin D 6,000 iu per day. 6 tablespoons a day of the cod liver oil, and the Butt Aid for the skin. December 25th was our start date, and we have done this treatment every day since. I am very happy to say, that almost all of the spots on his back and sides are gone. The head was first to start clearing. The elbows were next to clear, and the legs seem to be last to clear, still some spots there. Its as if he has cleared from the top down. He has always had a problem with digestion, and suspect that the cod liver oil is doing its job cleaning out the toxins. The vitamin D, and also I forgot, he is taking one Zinc tablet per day, must be doing there thing as well. Anyway, thanks again to all those that have written in with their stories. We couldn't have done it with out you all. JE Little Rock, AR

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we have proven babies butt aid cotains lead and cadmium. california no longer allows this product shipprd to the state. please stop using this poison on your child


Please try giving your son crushed black cumin seed mixed in honey or yoghurt, might see a difference. Oil is also good.

Matt Dallas

Be careful with COD LIVER oil side effects. My P symptom is getting worse when I was taking cod liver oil. I think it just happened to me.

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