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I haven't tried the clove oil, but I don't really need to. I had my two left molars extracted last Monday, and the lower site healed up and is looking quite good now, with only minimal tenderness. The upper site has been inflamed and in pain- around a 6 or so, for the last few days. I started taking 600mg of Advil every 6 hours when it started happening, and ingesting a lot of cannabis. I have slowed the Advil, but the cannabis is still my friend. The hole has not closed yet. A few days ago I got an aloe leaf from my front garden and cut out a bit of the soft tissue and stuck in on the dry socket. I no longer drain liquid from my nose whenever I rinse my mouth out, so the hole is closing. =) It also feels better today, but definitely not 100%. I recommend this to suppliment the clove oil remedy since a lot of folks seem to like it. I hate clove, so that one's a last resort and I don't need it, thank God! =)

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cannabis smoke is 4 times thicker than tabacco smoke, makes it hurt a lot more. I would not do this while healing, it just causes more pain. I know this, because I smoke as well and I have a dry socket right now and that just makes it hurt hurt hurt hurt and i hate life


Smoking, rather it be cigg's or canabais, is the number one cause for dry socket. Continuing to smoke after dry socket has started will only worsen your condition. Therefore, it'll only increase your pain.


this person is ingesting pot, not smoking it :) so as no harm or adverse affect to the dry socket occurs... :)

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