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Sitting for five to ten minutes in a warm 'sitz' bath three or four times a day sometimes inactivates the sores and speeds up healing by drying out the sores. Prepare a 'sitz' bath by filling your bathtub with three to four inches of warm water, then add sea salt and a little bicarbonate soda.
The warm water brings circulation to the area, cleans and heals for positive results.

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i found dipping a cotton ball in warm salt water (using table salt)
and gently washing the sores with it is good if you don't have time for a long bath. I did this twice a day as apart of my bathing routine. (Make sure you change the cotton ball everytime)

I also patted on some bi-carb soda on the infected area of a night time.
It relieves itchyness and DEFINATELY dries up the sore.


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