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Heyy my name is Danni and I'm almost 15 and I weigh 121.5 and I have stretch marks on my inner thighs. And I need something can get then gone. I'm doing lemon juice now and using noxema face wash and hydrogen perioxide! It works okay they are kinda reducing color but they are still there. So if anyone will please comment on here and give me some suggestions . I would be soooooo greatful:) thanks

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Same exact problem I have and I'm about to turn 16 and its so embarressing to me :( I'm trying so hard to get rid of them before I go to the beach


same problem as well, but i'm 24. i've had stretch marks on my inner thighs since highschool. and now i'm starting to notice them on my butt. help!


Use0 the following ingredients... This really works! -
1. Coffee grounds
2. Oatmeal (i use uncooked for exfoliation)
3. Vicks Vapor Rub (comes in a little jar)
4. egg whites.. (or the whole egg)
5. sugar. (also for exfoliation)
6. extra virgin olive oil
7.Lotion like Coco butter Vaseline
8. baking soda
ok, Im 13 and I have had stretch marks since I was about 10. I hit puberty early and I have them on my inner thighs, other thighs, But, and Breast. Its almost summer(2 months) so I needed to start making them go away. They are ugly and embarising!!!!!

So, First i start by rubbing the Vicks over the entire area where i have stretch marks. evenly spread it.. Leave it there.

then i rub the olive oil on top of that.

i know, it's a mess. (make sure you stand up and do this, BTW: it's best to do it nude so you can get all the spots..) do that for about three minutes.
then get a cup or a bowl and crack the egg and get the egg whites. or use the yolk too if you want.
and mix it with the sugar,oatmeal, coffee and baking soda..

and rub all of that on you'r area's with stretch marks. Massage that in a circular motion for about 5 minutes, especially on your problem areas..and let it settle in a little while so your skin absorbs it. Lastly, take a cool shower and if you have a loofah, exfoliate while you're washing off the remedy.. you could do it twice a week.. I only did it three times so fdar and they are almost completly gone!!!!!!!!!!

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