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If the last upper or lower tooth (used for chewing the food)/wisdom teeth is paining frequently (periodic/cyclic pain), please try the following tests & apply suitable to your case for a temporary relaxation during odd hours until you meet a dentist -
1. Try a chewing-gum gently.If get relaxation then continue for sometime. This causes a sort of gentle massage to the tooth.
2. Try some hot or cold drink for a test (may try an alcoholic drink like vodka/whiskey responsibly). Whichever gives relaxation use that during the pain but manage the intake responsibly so that it does not affect the health otherwise.
3. Try to eat some soft nuts like cashew nuts if you are comfortable with that.
4. Rinse the mouth with slightly warm salty water & then spit-out.
5. Try different relaxing positions/sides to sleep & then use the most relaxing position/side as per your case/condition of tooth pain.
6. Try gently massaging the exact or nearby area where you feel pain (Tooth & gum by finger-tip ; Head , ear, jaw by palm). Once you find the best points to massage according to your case then keep on applying during next impulse of pain.
7. Try a pain-killer about which you are sure & have knowledge of when & how much to take. Otherwise take help of a doctor/trained chemist as irresponsible intake of medicines can have severe side-effects.
7. All the above mentioned suggestions are only to be tested first then applied during odd hours for temporary relaxation until you can make a reach to dentist. For any frequent tooth pain, advise of a dentist is a must as the cause may be severe and end-result can be dangerous to your teeth.

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