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My fiancée has terrible problems with his teeth! Many have been pulled and there are a few that have rotted and broken off in pieces. He has no insurance so he has been using ambesol. It has lost it's ability at this point so here we are at midnight trying to get him some relief. I ran to CVS and purchased these few items:
1. Listerine mouthwash (must not be alcohol free)
2. naproxin (Aleve)
3. ibuprofen (Motrin)
4. Oragel for 'severe toothache'
I made him rinse with the listerine until he felt a burning sensation or as long as he could tolerate. I then dosed him up with 1,000mg of ibuprofen and 660mg of naproxin followed by completely coverin the affected tooth with the Oragel. He's been allowed only water (no sugary drinks) and he's currently sleeping like a baby! It seems to have worked like a charm! We tried tea bags and salt water to no avail before making the trip to CVS.

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Dental Student

Please do take care with such a concept. The drugs alone you are recommending here can cause serious liver damage if used in a dose you are recommending, let alone if used over a period of time. If there is serious dental pain it is not a matter of alleviating pain and hoping for the best. It is only a matter of time before pulp infection leads to systemic infection of other regions of the mouth. Treat a tooth infection as you would any serious injury and have it treated immediately. If you are unsure to alleviate the pain please do take care to call a doctor or dentist and take recommendations on dosage till a procedure can be done.


If you or someone is suffering from a toothache. Put a nice hot wet rag or towel as hot as can be tolerated over the affected area or face. Hold tightly so the steam is absorbed through the skin. INSTANT RELIEF. Repeat as needed. Also call 800-372-7615/ for low cost dental. They should have dentist in your area.


I have used these medicine when i was feeling much pain, within 10 minutes no more pain was there. thanks a lot my friend

Registered Nurse

Wow. All I have to say to you is, if you decide to play doctor, at least read the label first. The maximum reccomended amount of ibuprofen per dose is 800mg. You're going to cause serious gastrointestinal upset, as well as put your husband at risk for bleeding.


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