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I'm 29 and have had migraines since I was 12. I was officially diagnosed at 15. At age 22, I had my first child and didn't have any migraines until around 3 years ago. They get bad enough to where excedrin migraine does not work anymore. I usually get them right before my period. I have pain, nausea, sensitivity to light & sound, and basically cannot get out of bed. I go to the emergency room for toradol/benadryl cocktail. My doctor prescribed Imitrex which made it excrutiatingly worse. So, I've been staying away from MSG (monosodium glutamate), which I didn't realize is in so many foods. I haven't had as many migraines since avoiding msg. If I do get one, from eating fast food usually which can contain msg without me knowing, I smoke marijuana. Marijuana also cured me from a 3-week sinus infection. Literally, the next day it was gone. For migraines, it gets rid of the pain & causes me to sleep it off. The only thing is that I can't go into work while I'm on it, I also cannot work with a migraine so there's a catch 22...

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I agree with the Marijuana for pain, sleep and nausea! Thank you for the info! I am suffering day 2 now ...


If imatrex isnt working out for you i would ask your doctor about FroVA, Maxult, or one of the other newer names.
Maxault is my personal favorite, it can come in 1 of three forms, pill, discitigrating tablet, or shot. the one i use is the tablet and it takes action within 10 minutes.


I smoked for about 2 months and I didn't have a single migraine. The weed really works.

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