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Advantage.the topical flea killer for dogs & cats.I put a few drops of this product on my sons hair and within 5 minutes you could see the lice falling on to the back of his shirt.It killed the adults & nits.Keep the advantage in your hair for two weeks. reapply after washing hair.

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Poison is poison. Thinking of trying this on myself. Question: Was the poundage equivalent? Did your son weigh about as much as the dog?


Irresponsible. As it was mentioned in an earlier post, it is designed for dogs, not humans. It is dangerous to use on a person. That was a horrible idea and i suggest not doing it again.


that is one of the stupidest things i ever heard that stuff can kill your pet why would you think of putting that on your child!


Good grief!! You don't put animal products on your children EVER!! I'm sure it was barely tested for safety and toxicity for animals, why would you dare experiment with your children.........

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