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Advantage.the topical flea killer for dogs & cats.I put a few drops of this product on my sons hair and within 5 minutes you could see the lice falling on to the back of his shirt.It killed the adults & nits.Keep the advantage in your hair for two weeks. reapply after washing hair.

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I would recommend never doing that again and please don't suggest it to other people. That stuff isn't safe for human use.


I would NEVER do this to my kids! And I hope no one else does either. Very dangerous.


sounds very dangerous I hear rid and nix cause mental issue eventually I can only imagine what that would do to a human god bless your child


yea.. that sounds dangerous. what if your kid had a alergic reaction. i dont even like using chemical products. eekk..


OMG Please tell me you didn't put drops of this stuff on your child every day over any period of time? As if once wasn't bad enough. That is sickening. Please, no one else use this kind of product on your children!


Topical Flea killers are POISON. I don't put them on the pets...let alone the kids!!



What else needs to be said

Stupid is as stupid does


OK, like lice killer is any better than flea killer. Please explain to me how one poison is better to use on a child than another poison. Why? Because it says for humans.


It is different because advantage works by getting into the pets bloodstream, then when fleas bite, they die. This is an insecticide that works on adults and flea eggs by GETTING INTO the bloodstream. That is why it is effective for 30-60 days. While I am sure it was effective, it is VERY DANGEROUS for your child!!!


I am sure if this person's child is alive and well the Advantage was OK to use. Please freak out about the smallest of issues these days. Also, judge not, lest ye be judged. I am SURE those who have posted on here have NEVER done anything 'stupid.'

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