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I went to a midnight movie premier last night and today I had work at 7 am. So to wake me up I had a 2 huge glasses of coffee. For lunch, my co-workers and I picked up some Chik-fil-A and I absolutely love their Buffalo Sauce and their Chocolate milk Shakes. Well the combination of Spicy chicken sandwhich plus the sauce with a chocolate milkshake on the side with my gallon of coffee in my system, caused one big hurting me. I had heartburn. So, I walked down the street to starbucks got my self some hot scalding lemon tea, and then i got some extra packages of honey. while waiting for my tea,I ate a few packages of honey and my pain subsided. After the tea and walk back to work, I was feeling better! Honey really works!!!

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In one post you not only gave a cure for heart burn, you also managed to describe the absolute most certain way to get it. Lol.

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