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I'm one of the typical Americans who has no dental insurance and horrible teeth. This is what works for me.... half warm water half peroxide mix and swish around tooth. It will help boil out the infection then follow with Dr ticshners mouthwash diluted with warm water (strength is up to u) and add a couple drops of tea tree oil into mouthwash mix. Swish around tooth and it will treat infection and numb pain. Do not swallow tho or it will make u sick. Take garlic fresh or capsules to treat from inside out as well. Keep it up everutime u brush and the infection will clear up soon. Soooo sorry for ur pain. Been on my knees from tooth pain to. I hope there's tips work for u to.

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Ultra Henry

Sorry, your comment is incorrect...Only 45 million out of 314 million, or 14.2%, have no dental insurance. That is far from being typical as 86% do have dental insurance. This is a fabrication of the Liberal Democrats to increase their power in government.
The same amount of people, 45 million, have no Health Insurance. I wouldn't say 86% of people having something is a crisis like they make it out to be...


The author didn't give a pecentage. He was giving help on what he/she sees to help from their personal hurt.


Omg some people!!! Democrats rock!! Republicans suck as they are only for themselves not FOR THE PEOPLE!!! HELLO, thats exactly whats wrong with society these days hardly anyone cares about their fellow man!! Anyway this is a forum for tooth pain relief not politics, but since you had to give your idiotic political opinion where it doesn't belong, I couldn't resist haha!


Republicans want to legislate morality.
Democraps want the government to solve all their problems.
I'm a Libertarian, I just want the government to leave me alone!

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