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Genital wart removal from shaft of penis.

#1 decide if it is really hurting anything.
You must have your mind set to go through
With removal. If you leave it, it may go away
Or in my case it grew bigger and spread.
#2 go buy some salicylic face wash and start
Using once a day to clean penis then twice a day. I may burn on first wash but you can take it.
After you grow a tolerance to it and it doesn't burn anymore go on to step #3. if it keeps burning you then you have to decide If you want
The wart gone then what you need to do to is
Take a little burn for 10mins maximum. If it burns more and more take a few days off and then try again.
#3 go buy some generic wart remover maximum strength with salicylic acid 17%
generic is not as strong as name brand
Apply this directly to wart in very small amount
My wart was huge but if small dab it with a toothpick just make sure it crust over.
After first application the acid will likely show you
More warts or make invisible warts visible,
Or make a wart look larger. It is gona burn a little
But if the first burn is too much just stop use.
Apply once a day for 3 days directly to warts.
Every time it's gona burn a little more.
After three days, stop use. They should look bigger and surrounding skin may be discolored
But do not worry. Let it heal for 48-72Hrs and they will fall off like magic. I promise. After the minimal burn heals they fall off
They peel off like the acid peels off them.
Skin underneath isn't discolored, you would
Never know I took off 6 and one was 1/2inch by 1/2inch they turned black and fell off on day 5

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Radical Ralph

I am going to try this technique. I'm starting today on day one with salicylic acid face wash. I will increase to twice a day, then buy generic max strength 17% wart remover. I'll let you know how it works in about 5-6 days!


does this really work ?


VERY painful but does work


let me be more specific in my case it was VERY painful n did work. i cant say for any of you

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