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I was so desperate to stop my toothache but while i was redaing up on ways to stop it i decided to try my own remedy, I know its kinda expensive but i had recently bought a memory foam pillow and hadnt yet opened it so i opened it and tore off a little piece(figured it might work better than a cotton ball) Then i mixed some tothpaste,salt,water and a little bit of alcohol and soaked it up with the memory foam i put it on the toth and in about 5 minutes the toothache was gone...started feeling it about an 3 hours later though.Its a fix but its only temporary.

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Oh my goodness it worked! Agony all of urge three days! Couldn't think! This is the first relief I've had in days. Imitation vanilla works well but this method really cleans the area. Thank you!


wow! I was impressed. It really worked, I might be able to get some rest.

Thank you for your home remedy!!!!


I'm trying this right now. Hope it works. Thanks for the input.

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