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hot tub at bed time, stretching or tightening of muscle in the restless area, walking (or pacing).However sometimes you just can't beat it and can only wait for it to subside. somewhere I heard the episodes last an average of 20 minutes but find that to be grossly untrue. Anyone who has suffered from RLS knows that. Have been dealing with this since 8:30 and is now 1:00 am.

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i know right! I've stayed up all night before, and the rls didnt stop until about 8:00 am! tonight have already been up about 5 and a half hours past bed time, its already 5 am wow!


I have found that eating peanut butter eliminates my RLS. A PBJ sandwich or peanut butter and banana works for me. Something to do with injesting more iron I think.


Hot baths work for me sometimes, and sometimes I have to take multiple baths. I have been awake sometimes all night with RLS. it is horrible

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