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I had a very painful abscess on my gum, and tried the garlic salt solution. It is working wonderfully! I am so happy the swelling and pain are down a huge amount in just a few hours.

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I have had pain and swelling off and on for two weeks. After visiting 4 different doctors, receiving 8 shots over a periOd of 2 weeks and still being miserable and in pain, I decided to try this remedy. I didn't think I had anything else to lose and it couldn't possibly cause anymore pain. Besides my left cheek was the size of a baseball and it was causing me to have miagraines also. I used the garlic salt and warm water as a rinse several times. It took atleast 4 1/2 hrs to break loose. It was nasty and gross but I instantly felt alot better. I then rinsed with peroxide to get all the germs and infection out. Now just waiting 2 days for Oral Surgeon to fix the remainder. Thanks again for the remedy!!

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