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Ear congestion - Blocked eustachian tubes. A bad head cold turned into a bad sinus and ear infection. Then, my ears got so congested it was hard to hear. I tried a variety of things. Finally, I went to the ear doctor, and she suggested an 'ear popper'. It is a small, handheld device which gently blows air into your nose. I guess it equalizes pressure inside and outside the eardrum or some such. After a day, my ears were clear most of the time. After a few more, the congestion was gone entirely. What a relief! You will probably need a doctor's prescription to order one, and they are expensive (about $175). So, like me, you might want to try other remedies first. But, if nothing works, then you might consider the 'ear popper'.

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I suffered from Otitis Media with Effusion for 2 weeks. Did some Googling about my problem and came across with Eardoc. I used my cellphone's vibrator as an alternative 'coz I didn't want to spend $55 for that device. Guess what? It worked! I felt immediately some cracking and my right ear ain't clogged anymore. I'm so relieved just after a few minutes of using my phone's vibrator. :)


I had right ear congested after having had a bad sneeze! Initially I thought it was some ear wax dislodged and block the I tried olive oil, Hydrogen peroxide and finally sodium solution...

All did not work.

Then I suspected could be air pressure. And this works for me:

use your fingers to 'lock' your nose, take a deep breath and blow but keeping your mouth tightly shut. The air should go to your ear tunnels.


Do NOT hold your nose, take a deep breath then blow... It can be painful and you can damage or bust your eardrum. With patience and caution you can try this... Turn your head to the side, with the stopped up ear toward the ceiling, hold your nose and very slowly and gently blow. It's best to do a couple of soft, short blows until it pops. Wish you the best of luck. :-)


holding your nose and blowing hard while keeping your mouth shut can cause more harm then good I use to do that and yes it worked and then the nose bleeds started 20 minutes then longer after a all nighter 8 hour nose bleed costing me almost 1000 dollars in emergency care I figured out what was causing it ...I stopped popping my nose like that and my 1000 dollar nose bleeds stops ...sigh lesson learned


An ear popper is very helpful in clogged ears. However, there are certain risks you take by using this product. Even though it is meant to help with ear congestion and clogging, this can also burst or perforate your eardrum! Read all directions and consult your physician.


Wasn't going to spend that kind of money, so I used a hair dryer(no heat) and pointed it up my nose while yawning. Felt the air circulating past my throat so I continued for about 1 min. After I plugged my nose and blew gently. What do ya know it worked.


A very good way to clear ear and sinus congestion is to use a 'Netty Pot.' It is a small plastic jug shaped like a tea pot and you put a packet of saline and add warm water. Pour through each nostril with head tilted depending on what ear you are clearing out. Repeat with other ear. You will feel the saline in your throat and mouth because your ears and sinuses are all connected. You can get this at a pharmacy anywhere. It works. If this doesn't work for you then yes, seek medical attention.

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