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I mostly suffer from menstrual migraines, which occur throughout the week leading up to my period (usually three days at a time). Sometimes stress or other factors will trigger them randomly during the rest of the month, but those are never as severe as the hormonal causes. My 'aura' is not anything visual - instead, I often feel very dizzy, disoriented, or just a general feeling of weirdness in the hours prior to a migraine. There is not a specific side the pain occurs on, rather I feel it in the center of my brain.

Most of the time the pain level isn't too high (of course there are times it feels excruciating, as if a knife were literally in my head), but no matter what pain level, my migraines are ALWAYS accompanied by light and sound sensitivity and nausea. :(

I am also extremely susceptible to motion sickness. I have been recently experimenting with drug-less cures for my motion sickness. I purchased a pair of Seabands for a long road trip a few weeks ago - they worked well for my motion sickness!

SO! Today, I felt the aura or on-coming of a migraine, so I put my Seabands on. While they have done nothing for the head pain or light/sound sensitivity, I definitely noticed myself feeling far less nauseous than usual! So unlike last month where I was literally vomiting. :)

I generally do not like to medicate; Tylenol and Advil do nothing for my migraines. If I have to work, I will occasionally take Excedrin Migraine, which at least takes an edge off the pain, but still leaves me sensitive to light/sound and nauseous. I have not seen a doctor to be diagnosed or treated, which I should probably do.

I have little advice in the way of prevention methods, but I do find that smoking a small amount of marijuana helps me cope with the severe nausea. I used to smoke frequently in college and it worked quite well. I not longer smoke, so I often wish I did. On those nights when I'm curled up in a dark room crying, masturbating DOES help me cope, too, so don't be afraid to try it!

Best of luck, everyone! Thank you for the suggestions you've listed. I will be trying them out! :)

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gabe hall

Lmao I smoke constantly and never get migraines allergies sore throat nausia smoking is great and Ps lmao at the masturbation awesome


ther's an explaination why masturbation works. Google it.

running an ice cold water on the head works works.

when nausea is intolerable: induce vomitting; take any hot drink you like; take 2 tabs NAPROXEN SODIUM- 220mg. You could take up to 6 tabs (2 @ a time) in devided dosage - for one day. This works for me. Hopefully with you too.


hey u ideot mastubating is a natural is agaist the nature..and smoking marijuana causes addiction to it pls save our country


Some idiot misspelled idiot. Lmao! Just smoked a blunt & my migrane is gone!! Thank you.(: we all sin in a different way. Lighten up fag.




My limit in hitting trees is like a puff and a half. lol. Most likely half a puff if its chronic. As for the masturbation remedy? At least one orgasm a day has saved many folks from my wrath of bitchiness.The thing is my head is aching to the point I can barely move it let alone bump and grinding, even with myself. lol. The peppermint oil is bringing major relief thus far. Thanking MyMa (RIP) 4 having it in the cabinet.

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