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Chad the Plumber

After getting over a pretty bad cold I returned to work only to slowly feel my ear throb and seemingly swell shut. I went to my doctor, who confirmed this was an ear infection. My doctor gave me Anti-biotics but did nothing for what had evolved into a ridiculous amount of pain. Once home I got on the web and tried every home remedy i could find, Hydrogen peroxide, ear candles, garlic and olive oil, everything to stop the pain. In the end the only thing that worked, and worked tremendously well was a hot rag to my ear for over a half hour. If you are reading these and just want the pain to stop, get a hot wet rag ( i nuked mine in the microwave for 10 sec over and over) and put it to your ear and keep it there for AT LEAST half an hour. Good luck!

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This worked immedietly, I had alot of pain in my ear from the infection. It works better than pain pills for me!


my 6 year old has the same problem..his ear is almost swollen shut..he is in so much pain...i am goin to try this....thank u so much


I have been able to fall asleep or back to sleep (when pain has made me wake up in middle of night) with a hot compress. I took a wet hand towel and zapped for 20 sec on each side and then put in zip lock back. It will be hot so you may want to put a thin piece of cloth between your ear and heat compress until it cools some. When it has cooled too much I open bag and fold towel with what was inside out since it is still hot and put back in bag.


This worked Great, my 4yr old is sleep. I boiled my thickest rag and did it twice, thank you.


This really worked! I never had ear infections as a child but recently started getting them as an adult. The pain is the worst part. Been to doctors, antibiotics, ear drops, etc., nothing really stopped the pain. I put a warm cloth on my infected ear and the pain was reduced enough that I could go to work and not cry all day!!!


Wow. Worked in seconds. My daughter has a cold and complains her ear hurts. I would hear her whimpering and to a point started crying because of the pain. Read your post, tried the afrin but I couldn't get it to drip. I then took a face towel, soaked it in hot water and microwaved it. Doubles it up and had rest on it. She was quiet for about 5 minutes which was the quietest she's been about her ear. Then she started crying again. Gonna try it again.

Ear ache

This is the simplist most effective remedy so far. It takes therein away immediately. Keep those hot rags coming.

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