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Chad the Plumber

After getting over a pretty bad cold I returned to work only to slowly feel my ear throb and seemingly swell shut. I went to my doctor, who confirmed this was an ear infection. My doctor gave me Anti-biotics but did nothing for what had evolved into a ridiculous amount of pain. Once home I got on the web and tried every home remedy i could find, Hydrogen peroxide, ear candles, garlic and olive oil, everything to stop the pain. In the end the only thing that worked, and worked tremendously well was a hot rag to my ear for over a half hour. If you are reading these and just want the pain to stop, get a hot wet rag ( i nuked mine in the microwave for 10 sec over and over) and put it to your ear and keep it there for AT LEAST half an hour. Good luck!

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At the suggestion of a nurse at the hospital, I did this for my son. Stopped his crying and he relaxed almost immediately.

I did give him some Motrin but that takes a bit to kick in. This remedy worked right away.




it warked

crystal sparks

amaizing.... yay my infant has cried alllllll day for two days n this worked!

Ginger man

This actually worked straight away. Still got the echo-ey ear but the pain and throb have both completely gone! You sir are a genius, a god among men, a hero. :)


The hot rag worked great. My ears dont hurt anymore. I ended up using my thick towel and folding it over a few times to so I would not have to heat it up as often.


If you ever get a sty(sores on your eyelids)this treatment works for it as well.


OMG its working! I started geting a numb and deaf kinda feelin in my ear2night and a hour later full on pain.its helpin a lot I love u lool


holy shit m8 it worked but i put my rag in microwave for about 25 secs and i burned my ear :l


My boyfriend has been up all night literally CRYING, after taking the steroid/antibiotics the doctor gave him, it felt worse. This is THE ONLY thing that has helped! He is finally sleeping!

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