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My daughter first came home from school with lice in Jan. I was so upset cause my daughter takes good care of her hair. At first I went to the store and got Rid i followed it to the tee and yet she was still infested and i was still pulling out live bugs. So then I bought Nix. I thought everything was great untill later that night When I was combing though her hair and still saw live bugs. Then it turns out that me and my other daughter got it to. I then started looking on the internet and saw this ad for LiceRX I bought some and couldnt wait till it got here. I thought that had work the school nurse even checked us and we were okay. LiceRx even told us that we didnt havet to do it again in 7 to 10 days like Nix and Rid. After awhile my daughter got sent home again with it so the process started all over. I couldnt believe it cause I knew we were clean and so was my house. Come to find out the neighbor was outside and she told me that he daughter had lice and that she couldnt get rid of it for about 8 months now and here I didnt know that and my daughter was over her house playing with her daughters and thats how it ended in her hair again. I couldnt use the LiceRx again cause it aleady caused my daughter to break out and have scabs on her scalp. So I tried something else cause I was at my wits end I read something called mayo mayo and more mayo for lice. What I did was heat some mayo ( the real mayo ) and coated my daughters hair and put a shower cap on her head and let her sit there for 2 to 3 hours. Then washed it out with dawn dish soap ( for the grease ) and after that I washed it with Coconut shampoo then with Coconut Cond, then last but not least cause this is the most important thing I then washed her hair with Denorex shampoo ( the best shampoo for this ) I let that sit on her hair for about 5 mins then I washed it out after that I blowed dried her hair on high heat and i combed though there will be no live ones cause of the mayo it smothers them. The nits should just comb out with a good nit comb not a lice comb cause its teeth are to far apart to take out the nits. EVERY morning and EVERY night wash the hair with Denorex shampoo and blow dry the hair and keep searching for the nits. What the Denorex shampoo does it dries them out to where they cant mate and kills them. Please let me know if this helps anyone or if you have any questions. But believe me coloring your hair or any of that over the counter dont work and i couldnt do the vinger cause as soon as i put that on my daughters head she screamed.. Heres my email addy if anyone needs it for

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This one works! We have had lice in our home for two weeks which doesn't seem long compared to some comments here but it was hell! I can only imagine 8 months! We tried the Rid shampoo and spray only to find live lice the next day. We did this one and after completing we used the shampoo daily for a week haven't seen one nit or lice since the first day! Yeah! Thank you. I am glad this was the remedy I tried.


I have tried so many things to get rid of lice, but extra strength denorex has been the only thing that has actually worked. You can shampoo your hair regularly with it and they haven't come back for my family.

Tonya Georgia

I have been battling the screams and the tears of a nit comb for 3 months now and I finally got tired of waisting my money got DENOREX EXTRA STRENGTH and I hae my cure I washed my daughters hair and they just fell out she was so happy I have continued to us it and will 2-3 times a week I lvoe it and no0w if I could only have all the money i spent on other stuff back i would take her to celebrate.


licerx didn't work any better than anything else....was a waste of $40 in my opinion.
you can kill the lice with extra strength denorex as others have mentioned. It does the best job. Combing is the key though. We battled head lice for 9 months with my oldest. She's 4........and it was hell on her. Comb every single day. Buy a good set of metal nit combs....don't buy the cheap plastic ones. Rub a little olive oil in the hair to make it easier for the combs to go through. Just comb comb comb comb. Everyday for a couple weeks until you see nothing. One little nit left behind in the hair can create zillions of those little buggars. You just have to do your best everyday. FYI....lice like clean hair. So after you are finally rid of it all, everyday....spritz a little hairspray in the childs hair....keep long hair pulled back...make sure your child doesnt share hats. Oh and theres a shampoo you can use...well 2 different kinds. One is mint shampoo, the other has tea tree oil in it. You can find those at sallys beauty supply. The smell isn't horrible. But it will help keep the lice away. I only wash my kids hair with mint shampoo and i spritz their hair everyday, and we havent had any reoccurances. Hope this info helps a little.


I have had acabies/collembola since last november, and head lice along with that,,I borrowed some a holes jacket and it was infested,,,hell I have been going thru,,I just this week have been putting tea tree oil all over my body,, and tonight amm dooing the mayo thing as I type this,,,God , if I have to go on with this and it doesn't work,,I know Licerx is sending me back my money also so is Derma RX
they use Benzo chloride on the body and that made me ill..I know th e tea tree oil works,,,but I was wondering if i put Mayo all over my body and wrap myself in a plastic bag for 3 hours do you think they'll go away...?? HELP

Tired of lice

HELP! I have tried everything! We keep finding nits in places we have checked a million times. I have done mayo, rid, denorex, cocoanut shampoo, I dont know what to do anymore. We cant find any live bugs and I am not itching nearly as badly as I was before, but we keep finding nits in the same places! please help!


I used a combination of coconut shampoo and conditioner and took zinc pills 2x a day for about 2 weeks, apparently lice are not fond of zinc. In about 2 days i couldn't find a single bug on my head. also i just used cheepo shampoo. for really tough ones put some tea tree oil in your shampoo and conditioner and spray your hair after washes with lavender scented hairspray ( they hate lavender and hairspray ). i sggest washing everything u own once and just taking out a couple of outfits and sheets and such and bagging everything else for 2 weeks and wash everything left outside of the bags several times.


The expensive RID didn't work for us but we read online about the Denorex extra strengh dandruff shampoo worked unbelievable. I washed my childs hair and comeb out dead lice. then applied coconut conditioner for a finish then combed the hair again and got only dead ones.


Hi everyone, so it was discovered about a week ago that my daughter has headlice ...OMG OMG OMG....WHAT DO I DO??? She is one of 3 kids and 2 of which are girls with over 3 feet of hair each(we've never cut their gorgeous hair)! So I immediate called my mother who told me about mayo n vasoline etc...ugh seems gross and extremely messy. So I went out and spent a lot of money on absolutely useless otc treatments..combs n all accessories necessary to help me rid of the horror i saw in my childs head. Needless to say it didn't work. I spent hours researching the best way to get rid of the ugly things and think I have come up with a solution for us... only one week later there is no sign of them visually or with a nit comb!!!!!

1. Wash hair with extra strengh Medicated Denorex - coat scalp really well and work to ends of hair. DO NOT rinse for about 15-20 mins. covering head with a good shower cap. Rinse well and towel dry.

2. Spray or soak hair down with vinegar (i used regular white vinegar). Cover and soak for about 1/2 hour. Do not rinse

3. Liberally coat hair with conditioner and brush or comb through to get out any knots or tangles. Then comb using the NIT Comb (finetooth comb).

Viola! you are almost there! I've been doing it for each child every other day since discovering (last week) and today there there is no sign of them whatsoever in either of my daughters head.

I think the Denorex Extra Strengh Medicated Shampoo kills them .. the live ones and the nits. The vinegar loosens the glue they use to stick their eggs on hair shaft.

I tie their hair back as tightly as I can in a ponytail, braid it as tight as i can and then bun it. I put dabs of tea tree oil (man I love that stuff) on the nape, crown and both temples then finially spray it down with hairspray.

I really didn't want to cut their hair..they still have the hair they were born with (my eldest daughters hair in down to about mid thigh and she is 5 feet tall!!! we are talkin about alot of hair here lol) and when we do cut it we want to donate to chairty...not because of these nasty little creatures!!! Anyway I hope this is helpfull.

Oh yeah...make sure you vacuumm and clean really well, wash all bedding, stuffy's and towels, brushes n combs get the picture. Good luck and don't worry..there is an ending!!!


i washed mine with denorex..and they fell out.....just make sure u wear shower cap..thats what kills them

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