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Well if you are in the same spot as me its 3 am and i have wwork the nect day and i need something thats going to get me thru the night!!
I used:
Heated up oil and crushed garlic into a little bowl
Heated it for 30 seconds and since im alone i dipped a cotton ball and squished it into my ear
Pain seems like its getting better.
I also took an alieve pain killer
This looks like it works for me hope it does for you!

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c dizzle

Gotta comment on the oil and garlic remedy. So, your ear was filled with bacteria inturn causing you pain AKA an ear ache. Your first inclination is to shove a cotton ball filled with oil and garlic? Please .. everybody try this at home, sounds like a winner.


does this really work


You don't think the Alieve had anything to do with relieving your pain? Because I'm thinking it was the Alieve, since that's what it's supposed to do, reduce swelling and redness.


must be the garlic and oil... i tried this and it seems to be helping: i have been taking vicodin because mine hurts so bad and the vicodin has done nothing!


Try the garlic. I've had chronic ear infections for 3 years and this one is a supernova of suck. I have also been taking narcotics for the pain as well as Rx ear drops, and neither has really helped as much as it should. After blow drying my ear off and on at work yesterday and googling ways to cure ear infection/die trying, I put a slice of a clove in a tissue at the opening of my ear at 7 pm and immediately I felt a burning/not uncomfortable sensation. Within an hour, I had some major relief. I slept with it in and now am wearing another garlic earbud at work. I have no co-workers. The swelling has really gone down as has the pain. Thank God. I really didn't want to go to the doctor for another ear infection and get another Rx for anti-biotics. Blegh. Go Garlic.


I am surprised at all the snarky comments about garlic. If you have done any serious study on researched natural remedies, it is well documented that garlic has world class antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties. Garlic and onion poultices have a pretty solid reputation in the healing world!


I've had a bad cold on and off for about three weeks and in the middle of the night last night I woke up with a terrible ear ache. Came on here and decided to try the garlic, along with a hot pack that I have that's microwaveable. I felt instant relief with boh. I put a whole clove of garlic that I smashed with a fork in a tissue then in my ear and layed down with the hot pack on top of it. I woke up with no pain and will probably put more garlic in my ear later today. I did this after trying a couple drops of hydrogen peroxicide, which helped me before but did nothing this time. Hope this helps.

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