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I've been on antibiotics for 3 days for my ear infection, but the pain is still so severe that even 800mg of Ibuprofin didn't dull the pain.
I put a little bit of vicks vapor rub on a q-tip and gently rubbed it just inside my ear canal, not too deep. I then took a hot pack and held it up to my ear for just about 2 minutes and the pain is gone! It actually feels cool and tingly now. :)

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This is amazing I never put the heat to it just put the Vicks in my ear and it was instinct relief wow.


You are right.....used in tonight for my grandson....istant relief!!!! 7-4-12. THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!


I just tried it and its not helping me one bit. I'm in sooooooo much pain!

Sharon E. Allen

Thanks toVICKS! My ear ache is calmingdown.


thank you for posting this. i woke up in the middle of the night with a sudden ear ache, hoped online saw this, and tried it and then went back to bed. didn't wake up again till the alarm clock went off. thank you for a good nights sleep.


It didnt work for me. : (


It worked for me :) but I don't have a major earache just an irritating one.


Wow I am amazed thank you so much for posting this. I put the vapor rub on the entrance of my ear and immediately it started to work and I have been on antibiotics for two days and have severe ear and head ache. It works thanks again!

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