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thanks everyone for all your posts! i was is such pain from my dry socket, when to the dentist and he irrigated it which helped for about an hour. then the pain was back with vengence! i read all the posts last night at modnight because i couldnt sleep. went to rite aid and purchsed the clove oil WOW! instant relief, i used a q-tip and dipped it in the oil then put it rivht into the socket. yes it tastes nasty but who cares, thanks again everyone!

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hi i am on day 8 after wisdom tooth extraction and i believe i have dry socket, i was at dentist on wednesday and he put some brown stuff into the socket that made it feel better for a few hours but went back to hurting. I guess my question is how often should i be using the clove oil??


As often as needed.


clove oil works like magic Please always use warm salt water and rinse your mouth out with it before you use the clove oil this helps the healing process work quicker use it 4 times a day

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