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My doctor told me that there are recent studies that 800 mg of Vitamin E every night has been shown effective against RSL. Since I've been doing this my twitching has disappeared and my RSL is much better. I have one 'bad' night every few weeks when it used to be every night.

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Yes Kelly, but as you responded to Jennifer ( about four posts back), you are also taking Mirapex, Ambien, and hydrocodone. So some poor person whose doctor is not as accomodating as yours will think that vitamin E is the answer. Why are you pretending that you have found a 'home remedy' when you are on three prescription drugs? After reading this site and doing some research, I do not believe that there is a home remedy for RLS either, but I can not get my doctor to dispense the drugs as freely as yours will for you.


I'm not pretending that I have found a complete cure. My post was directly related to twitching. I realize now that that was not clear. The vitamin E has helped my twitching, but no, it has not helped the pain. I do take prescription meds for pain and insomnia. I do apologize that I was not clear.


Drink a glass of pure carrot juice from a juicer not blender, 5 nights on the trot and it's worked very well for me, also don't eat after 6pm avoid tea coffe... Coming from someone who has had RLS for 5 years pretty much every night!!!

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