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So first off id like to just thank everyone for your tips I hope to soon have the same type of story. I have two of these monsters on my right foot one on my heel and one in the middle of my arch I have been workin at them for a long time its been so long I can't remember how long I've been tryin to get rid of these things I have tried just about everything acv, freezin, duct tape, gg, nail polish, digging and cutting at it compond w taking lysine and a multi vitm tryin to boost my ammune system to maybe help fight this war I'm in with these things cause make no mistake that's what it is and it seems the longer you've had them the deeper and harder it is to get rid of them I've had these plantar warts for maybe 5-6 years so its had lots of time to grow and get worse and I wish I would have takin it more serious before it got to this point where I'm running out of ideas of how or what to do I started by tryin compond w and tryin cut it out and keep it covered with either duct tape or some kinda water proof tape and even during the treatment of compond w it would grow back and it seemed to be stronger than before so I started using acv and holy cow that stuff hurts I do think it helps and works but don't keep it on or soak it more than maybe an hr at a time maybe less cause its very painful and once it starts to burn there's nothin you can do to make it go away just have to wait it out and take a couple asprin to try and get through that tourcher but after a few days of doin that it started turning black and I was excited thought finally some kinda change maybe its workin kept at it for a few more weeks twice a day I tried to soak it as long as I could before it would start being so so painful I take some tweezers and take all the black out as much as I could until I couldn't see anymore soak it again and more black would keep popin up like I didn't even do anything so I read one of these articals and it talked about mixin vitm c with the compond w and another one where they used acv until the black little seeds popped up and then soaked it in rubbin alco and hydr proxide and it would dry up and kill the wart so I made up my own little mixture I'm not recommendin this but I put some acv, rubbin alc, hydr proxide, some liquid compond w some epson salt crushed a multi vit and lysine mixed it real good to make a crazy little paste of wart killer and honestly when id use just one thing like the acv or compond w it would burn like crazy but this didn't burn at all and seems to be workin better than anything I've tried and I have tried it all I take my little cocktail of stuff soak a cotton ball tape it over my wart with some duct tape and twice a day once in the mornin and one at night and in between ill put gorila glue to keep it air tight and some what protected and it seems like when I take the gg off it pulls out some of the black little seeds I still try to dig some of it out but I trully don't know how deep I should go or if I should even dig at it at all and just try to let it be cause now it looks like a round little ball with the black around it but it doesn't look like good healthy skin it kinda weird looks like I should pull it out but its way painful so I don't know what to do. I'm sorry this is kinda long but I feel the more everyone share's about there own story the better chance you can find a remedy that will work for you cause I don't think its just one thing that works and different things work for different people but hopefully together we can beat these little monsters cause they are tough and it takes a lot of time and pain and if anyone can give me any other ideas I'm open to suggestions cause I'm sure tired of workin on them and id love to have a remedy to tell you how I got rid of them but I'm still workin on it good luck to everyone that has these stupid things I wouldn't wish these on my worst enemy

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Please try to salt method. I found it on here & it has had amazing results for my daughter!
Every night she gets the bottom of the tub wet. Sprinkles regular old table salt on her feet until it's mushy, & just mushes it around from foot to foot. She reads a book while doing it so she doesn't get bored.
She has been diligent in doing it for 3 weeks now & they look amazing! It took a few days for them to start turning black & she has no holes or anything.
She is a runner & her feet looked terrible & now we are almost ready to schedule a pedicure!


Thank you, I will definitely try


Oh my God have you ever heard of a period!!!!

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