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I tried lots of things. woke up one day tppth hurt horribly bad. tried clove oil and it worked for a little while but didnt make it stop, so i went to the doctor, of course after 2 full days of running back and forth to the sink lol. i kept rinsing my tooth in cold water and in like 20 seconds the pain would come back ten fold!! NOT A GOOD IDEA!! So i read on here to bear the pain for a bit, but instead of just torturing myself i swapped from water to antiseptic mouth wash and the pain went from a 10 to a 2 almost instantly. I REALLY APPRECIATE SITES LIKE THIS!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

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While this remedy did work the pain only stoped briefly. I suggest coating the tooth in toothpaste after using the antiseptic mouthwash, works well enough to get you some sleep

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