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Put sweet oil inside the hurt ear and then stick a cotton ball inside it and lay down on the opposite side, it worked for me as a kid.

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Last year I my first ear infection at age 23, which lasted three months. I used the sweet oil treatment as suggested by the quick care doctor. Warm it in a spoon over the stove for a 10 seconds (not too hot, it will HURT), then use a dropper to apply 3-5 drops to your ear. Lay down on your opposite ear, and wiggle your earlobe a bit to get the oil in there. Stick in a cottonball (half a cottonball fits better for me). The pain goes away for a while. It did not cure the ear infection for me, but to be fair the prescription drugs did not either. I eventually was prescribed a $130 teeny bottle of antibiotic drops. That cured it. Having said that, the sweet oil definately helped with the pain, but I am not sure if it was the oil or just the fact it was warm...


i heat up a spoon on the stove, put some oil on, let that baby cool down and now i got two drops and cotton balls in each ear ... can i smoke now?


Sweet oil IS olive works,good luck


I used regular olive oil on my daughter, warmed it up, poured in the ear till the airbubble popped up and It worked INSTANTLY!


i woke up from the pain in my ear it actually hutrt so bad that my jaw began to hurt as well. i tried this but i used olive oil and after about 15 minutes, my pain was gone. i also ubbed my ea a lot to make sure the oil really got in there. thanks!


sorry, i meant rubbed my ear. my r key is a bit stubborn.

Angela W.

Sweet oil is the best! I had the worse ear infection, which I had been battling for about 2 days. It was so sore, I could feel it when I talked or ate, and began getting a pain in my eye. Touching it wasn't even an option! I was just about to call the doctor, when the people I work with told me about sweet oil. I picked some up at the local Wal-Mart (found in the eye/ear section of the Pharmacy), as well as a hot compress. As soon as I got home, I poured some in my ear, placed a cotton ball in my ear, and then put the warm compress on top of that. By this morning, my ear was about 95% better. The pain in my eye is gone, I can eat and talk with out any pain, and when I touch it, there is only a tiny bit of tenderness. This stuff will definitely be added to my medicine cabinet.

R Caudill

You can find sweet oil at Walmart, Cvs and Walgreens. I bought it today for my son.


Have a 3 year old that was complaining of ear pain this evening along with a cough and fever (definitely ear infection). I tried this after seeing it on here and she's blissful on the couch right now. Thanks a lot!



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