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Put sweet oil inside the hurt ear and then stick a cotton ball inside it and lay down on the opposite side, it worked for me as a kid.

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I get double ear infections frequently throughout the year. Probably say about 5 to 6 times. I use sweet oil becuase my mother used to give it to me when I was just a kid. For me, it relieves the pain instantly, then it returns to full stength about 2 minutes later. But that's because my ear infections are REALLY bad. Sometimes it helps me and other times it doesn't. But IT IS a good alternative when you don't have the money to go to the doctor. It cost like $1.99. Some places it might be cheaper.


I use it everytime I have an ear infection. IT WORK!!!!!!!!!!


I had a bottle of sweet oil and the ingredient is olive oil. So basically you can get the olive oil out of your kitchen cabinet and it is the same thing. I am out of olive oil right now and my daughter has an ear ache so I had some vitamin E oil and used it. I will leave a comment if it works.


I just developed an earache and my mom told me to get sweet oil. The pharmacy was out(it's 10 dollars here) but he said to use olive oil, so I'm trying it. It almost feels worse, but i havent been using it that often and this was the first time i let it seep in, but it does take the pain away.

I'll keep posted on how it works for me.


Thank You so much for this remedy. I love home remedies best before I go the medicine route. My son woke up crying and I didnt want to sit in the ER. I saw this posting went to Wal-Mart got some Sweet Oil and from that time on he is back to being BAD, I mean a BOY.

Happy results!

This remedy really really works i give a big 100percent thumbs up ok!


Sweet oil is olive oil. A drop or two of warm oil helps relieve ear pain and soften ear wax.


My great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and now I use sweet oil. There is nothing better for an ear ache.
I'm a country girl from down south where home remedies are still used. If you haven't tried sweet oil, you really need to.


I had never heard of this until today... I was at teh store and the pharmacist had me put back the two expensive brands of earache relief and handed me the $2 bottle of Sweet Oil. She said it's Olive Oil so you can use that too if you don't have or can't find Sweet Oil in the store. She recommended warming for a few seconds in the microwave. I plan to try it on my daughter tonight!!


For those that cannot find sweet oil, I have a bottle and the only ingredient listed on the bottle is Olive Oil. I feel that extra virgin olive oil would do the trick!

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