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grateful soul

The first two days after my four wisdom teeth were removed, I hardly had any pain. Didn't need any of the painkillers they gave me. This is easy, I thought. I felt so good I thought I would go back to work even before my pre-approved sick leave was over.

About the fourth day, one early morning I woke up from pain in the two lower sockets, more painful than right after surgery. I started to take the painkillers and they helped me through the night and following day. The following night (or early morning) I woke up from worse pain. I doubled the painkillers and that helped me through another night and day.

Today the pain was so bad I felt like I could overdose on the painkillers. Luckily my surgeon is near me and I was supposed to see her tomorrow, so I rang up and asked for an earlier appointment instead. She saw me today and told me I had 'dry socket'. She irrigated my sockets and put some resorbable stuff in it. She said it was like a 'sedative'. Boy I felt so much better. I could live AND be sane again, and I had only been suffering from dry socket for one day...(I bow down to you brave souls that have had to endure it for more than a day)

Because it worked so well, I wanted to make sure that it stayed that way. I wasn't planning on going back to the dentist every day for a bit of mercy. In any event she didn't sound like I would even need to go back because 'everything looks fine' and I would go back to work in another two days. But I could not risk having to feel pain like that for another minute. I had to find out what she used.

Talked to a dentist friend and learned about eugenol, which is what the surgeon probably used, which is mainly clove oil. Drove to the chemist and bought some. I haven't even opened the bottle and I can smell it. It smells similar to but not exactly the same as the stuff that the surgeon put in my sockets.

After reading these wonderful posts, I can sleep tight knowing that should I ever need more of the same stuff that my surgeon used, I have it in a bottle by the bedside. Because of what I have read here, I have no doubt that it WILL work as intended.

Thank YOU all for sharing your experiences and reaffirming the benefits of clove oil. You have lit up my life by posting here. I have faith in humanity again. And thank God for clove oil. I'm not too thankful of God for putting me on this earth but I am grateful that he at least also put clove on this earth.

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