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coat yourchild's head in vaseline and cover wiyh a shower cap, leave overnight Apply shampoo or dish soap before getting wet, then rinse out. Comb with nit comb,your chid's hair may look greasey for a few days. Repeat in a week if needed, we have never had to repeat, this has always gotten thr lice out in one treatment.

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my daughter had gotten lice and i treated her hair 3 times with rid and it didn't work. I saw this idea and did it and it worked. thank you for sharing your idea it really helped me as i hate bugs expecially these.


Well as i sit here with a shower cap and Vaseline on my head, I hope this works, I treated my Son with R&C and it worked, I used it on myself as well but after 36 hours I found some live ones still in my hair, I was ready to shave my head until I decided to check websites for home remedies, as it was after 11pm on sunday night and nothing is open, and I honestly didn't want to wait another day. I'll let you know if this works


I tried this with my girls. They woke up with fevers the next morning. Their heads felt as if they were on fire under the plastic. And they still had lice.

I have heard this over & over, but the doctors say that it is the worst plan! Leaving anything in your hair (especially children's) wrapped in plastic overnight is horrible. Your scalp is how excess heat escapes. Mayo & vasaline heat up when contained in a warm enviroment with no escape.

Mayo/vasaline may kill lice, but leaving it on over night is not helpful.

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