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Ive had bladder infections reoccurring for years and the other day i got another bout of it while at my friends, I couldn't stop going to the loo every 10 mins. Forgetting that alcohol is supposedly bad for these types of infections I drank 2 glasses of wine and I'm not kidding in an hour my symptoms were gone. I didn't need to go to the loo for the rest of the night, it was amazing, BUT it came back 24 hours later and this time I am too worried to try wine again as a remedy! Weird that it actually does get rid of the symptoms though even if only temporarily!

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You are correct. All the things I have been told to steer clear of during a UTI ie: alcohol & coffee Actaully help so much during a bad bout it's not funny. If I can guess its due to your Kidneys processing your waste quicker.

Drs also suggest to go to the toilet frequently whilst on a bout. This does not work for me and makes me feel far far worse. Trying to urinate with an empty bladder just because I have an urge to is just really painful.... And stupid.

I drink something like alcohol (alcoholic apple cider) or whatever.

Not a natural remedy ... But a remedy all the same that gives me relief. I have tried this on many many occasions.


Alcohol is a pain killer, but not a cure.

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