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About a couple of month, I had a bump near my anus, I thought it was an pile, so I put some creams but it was still hurting after a week and I felt another small one.
I decided to put some garlic on hit and it hearts a lot and the bumps multiplied
I started to look on the mirror and I saw a couple of white spot.
After a check at the clinic for a std check, the gp told me it was a hpv with some genital warts. Not great news, but I decide to go for the 1st option proposed: to freeze them.

Day 1:
the freeze + salted bath, it hurts a bit but not much. I did not notice really any improvement inb the number of warts or their size but it has decreased in the pain

Day 2-3:
Salted bath, still no improvement, I think it went worse a little bit.
I think the salted water was not enough and it is important to clean it on daily basis with some tea tree oil to avoid any spreads which I did not at the beginning

Day 4:
Another session, not really any improvement, so I decided to to for the Apple cider vinegar on some cotton fixed with some medical tape for 1 hours in the afternoon, then another session before to go to bed for 3 hours, it hurts a lot, I think I put too much acv, you should not sunk the cotton totally.
I was watching in the mirror and it was all white and with a lot more of spots, I think the acv is attacking all the area with roots even if it is not visible, so you might see more spots. I think it is normal, I think as well you need to clean it before to apply the acv to avoid any spread of the warts at the warts are more moisturised, I think it can increase the risk of spread.

Day 5:
in the morning some disappeared.
I decided to use as well some banana peel on it every 4 hours and in the night I attached some banana peel on it for all the night, as the ACV was too painful.
I had a look at it in the middle of the night and all the warts were white again, which is a good sign.

Day 6:
in the morning, a lot of warts were gone. Went to buy some tea tree oil to clean it. before and after the banana peel.
I decide to put a garlic glove in my anus in the night to attack the virus inside my body plus some more banana peel.
I was also trying to eat more potassium (banana, avocardo, lot of veggie, garlic crushed in the morning and at night) and as well some supplements fish oil, plus aloe vera

Day 7: (today)
almost everything is gone, I still feel a little wart just at the edge of the anus. Still some banana peel, and tea tree oil before and after each session.

Day 8: I m planning to do it again (everything done on day &)

Day 9:
I will go to the clinic to have a chack and maybe a freeze session.

I think the ACP is very good at the beginning as it is weakening the all the warts, and then you can apply tea tree oil and banana peel to attack them more gently.

Also putting a garlic glove for 2 nights might help, crush them a little bit to produce more acillin.

The tea tree oil is very important as it cleans and avoid any risk of spreading them. Tea tree oil to clean before each session (humidify the cotton with some water and put 4 drop of oil)

I think the combination works for me at the moment:
- ACV at the beginning
- Tea tree oil before each session as well in the morning after the shower.
- Banana peel rubbed on it every 3 4 hours plus taped for all the night
- garlic glove for a couple of nights

Eating banana, garlic glove, aloe vera pill, in the morning and before to go to bed
Eating a lot of veggie, avoid alcohol , sugar and meat.

Sleep and do some exercised

I will give an update after going to the GP, I think it is important to continue with the tea tree oil and the banana for a week after the symptoms are done to clean everything and I will continue the diet and try to avoid sugar, red meat and alcohol.

Good luck

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I'm going to give the banana peel a try. I have tried everything else I hope this helps me as well the garlic doesn't burn?


The garlic can Burt a bit a the beginning for a dozen of minutes, then it is fine, if it is too painful, just go to the toilet, I would suggest to not use the garlic at the beginning of the treatment, as it might be too strong if you have a lot of warts.

Do not forget to clean with some diluted tea tree oil before and after, this can be found at the pharmacy or natural remedy shop


Just came back yesterday from the GP and all the wart are gone at the exception of one.

He did a freezing session, but I will continue the banana and the tea tree oil.

This time I will dilute the tea tea oil in bit more water (4 drops for 1 cup of water) as my skin is bit sore.

I will still proceed with eating garlic, banana, fruit and veggie, + fish oil and aloe vera.

I hope within a week I will be done with them.

So far, the ACV, the banana, tea tree oil, the garlic and the healthy diet have worked fine for me

Good luck


The last one disappeared last night.
I m done for now.

Keep healthy and do some exercises.

Good luck


thank you.. it could be a big help or me.. i'll to do that to get rid of this warts..

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